Prakhun Acoustics, founded in the year 2000, is a Malaysia building engineering consulting firm providing acoustic and audio visual Professional Consulting Services to Architects, Engineers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Contractors and Industries throughout Asia.

Our work concept is driven by our believe that the quality of the acoustic 'Ambience' we create, has a direct influence on the quality of our lives, whether at home, at work or even when at play.

Our designs would be all-embracing, covering performance, function, needs, wants, usability, practicality and foremost, cost effectiveness.

We assisst clients achieve their aspirations in acoustics and audio-visual by guiding projects from conceptual, through design, construction, testing and commissioning and righ up to building hand-over.

Prakhun have assisted the industry in achieving the quietest of environments, such as;

  • within the Petronas KLCC Philharmonic Concert Hall (achieved noise criteria N-1 or NC5) which is approx. 15dBA below the threshold of human ear listening level. This space till date is the quietest acoustic public environmrent in Asia.
  • a NC18-20 noise criteria/environment, within large TV broadcasting studios of NTV 7, the many RTM studios, etc.
  • a NC30 noise criteria, within Hospital Operation Theaters and Intensive Care Isolation Wards. An NC30 noise criteria is achieved when one almost don't hear noise from the ACMV Systems or intrusive noise from adjacent spaces.

We are blessed and privileged to be part of the design teams for many of Malaysia's largest mega projects, both from Government funded and also privately funded developments.

We are MOF (Ministry Of Finance) registered consulting services company in Malaysia, with majority Bumiputera share holding status.